The 10 Cheapest Backpack Destinations of The World

The 10 cheapest backpack destinations of the world

Even though most of us love traveling around the world, only a few can. This is because tourist visas are often not affordable for the vast majority of people. And few others that can afford it are usually on limited budgets. Thus, for most individuals, visiting their favorite tourist destinations is nothing but a dream. Well, the good news is this: With a limited budget, you can travel across different countries. Backpacking affords you the privilege to make an independent, low-cost travel. With backpacking, you won’t need to be scared of the high cost of boarding a luxurious jet or lodging in an expensive hostel. All you will need would be an extended period of your time, a single bag to be strapped to your back and few bucks for certain basic needs. You will also get to travel in an affordable airline and lodge in very cheap dorms built for backpackers. Amazing isn’t it?

Nonetheless, you must know that many countries can’t be visited on a low budget, even as a backpacker. Not to worry. Several other nations offer you some of the greatest sights and experiences in the world at affordable rates. Below are the cheapest backpack destinations you should consider:


If you have always wished to explore Central America’s beauty, backpacking around Nicaragua should be your ideal adventure. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine surfing world-class beaches under a chilled and charming atmosphere. Yes, that is exactly what Nicaragua offers you. The good news is with just $10 per night, you can stay in a nice dorm room. You will even get cheaper rates in the smaller towns. Also, you won't have to worry about feeding yourself as Nicaragua offers you tantalizing cuisines at unbelievably low prices. And if you are a fan of nature, you can visit the colonial buildings of Granada and the volcanic blue-colored lake Laguna de Apoyo.



Only a few countries can match Thailand when it comes to giving backpackers unforgettable treats. The country boasts several resort centers to make your backpacking experience a memorable one. However, it is pertinent for you to note that surfing in Thai beaches can be quite expensive. You don’t have to be discouraged by that as the country avails you the chance to enjoy tropical oasis and breathtaking exotic sights for a few dollars. All you have to do is head northwards to the Chiang Mai region. With only $3 - $5 each night, you will get a remarkable hostel in the region. You will also get to see the iconic Buddhist temples and hill tribes. We bet nothing can be more soothing than seeing these places with your own eyes!


Lying beside Greece and Italy is the beautiful Albania. Even though the country does not get in the news as much as its neighbors, it offers a relatively cheaper alternative to intending backpackers. A visit to Albania will be incomplete without a stop at the capital, Tirana. In Tirana, you will be opportune to see how the Albanian culture and architecture has been influenced by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Roman Empire. Besides, you will get dormitories for as low as €9-€15 per night. You won’t also want to miss snacking on Balkan burek and enjoying a cup of thick Turkish coffee.


Nepal lies in between China and India. Thus, it rarely gets the international attentions its neighbors get. Nevertheless, Nepal prides itself as one of the best backpack destinations in the world in terms of value and affordability. Nepal affords you the chance to have a view of some of the world’s richest peaks. You will be afforded the opportunity of partaking in thousands of miles of backpacking trails and treks of mountain vistas and unending skies. Interestingly, Nepal’s major city, Kathmandu has the second cheapest hostel in the world. Also, the trekker base called Pokhara is popular among backpackers for its ultra-low prices. The base was listed as the no.1 spot in a new backpacker price index. You will get a dorm room for as little as $2 per night.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.




Backpacking around Morocco stands as one of the fascinating adventures in the world. Although the country lies in the crisis-prone North Africa, it is relatively safe. Morocco is even a more attractive destination for those who are used to staying in the West. And the traveling cost is cheap as it is just a stone’s throw from Europe. You will get to stay in cheap traditional hotels known as Riads. A typical Riad has garden courtyards, thus offering you the perfect relief from the buzzing city life.


Indonesia is a world on its own. You will be charmed by the beautiful white sand beaches, the jungles, and the blue-flame spewing volcanoes. Apart from that, you will get to explore the different savannahs and remotes rainforests where you get to see orangutans live and direct with your naked eyes. Especially important is that your journey to the Asian nation won’t be complete without visiting Bali. Bali is the major tourist hotspot in the country with many beaches and an astonishing Balinese Hindu culture. You should also consider checking out the Komodo Islands and Flores.

Sri Lanka

In the last few years, Sri Lanka has been attracting a lot of backpackers. The reason is not far-fetched. The country offers an affordable cost of living that can only be matched by few countries in the world. Sri Lanka boasts of countless numbers of tea plantations, beautiful arrays of wildlife and fabulous beaches. Additionally, the country has been very peaceful since its 30-year old civil war came to an end in 2009.


Tibet presents you an incredible and affordable backpacking option. You will marvel at the colorful landscapes. A stop at the small towns beside the capital Lhasa will also allow you to get an experience of the cabaret bars. A typical cabaret bar is filled with jolly folks downing shots of beer. We also implore you to check out the small western town of Lhatse to cap your adventure.



Malawi is an exciting option if you are on a tight budget. On the average, you will survive with less than $20 each day if you are not an extravagant spender. For instance, you can get a bed for around $2 in most parts of the country. You can also try to partake in world-class water skiing. It will cost you far less than you can get anywhere in the world!



Backpacking in Vietnam can be summarized in two simple terms: fantastically cheap and adventurous. From the delicious food to the artistic housing, Vietnam is a dream destination for every intending backpacker on a low-budget. The country parades an astounding countryside. You should check out the famous Ha Long Bay, the beautiful Mekong Delta, and the less-visited Bai Tu Long Bay.


The benefits of backpacking cannot be underestimated. Besides the affordability, you will be the captain of your own ship. And you will have the opportunity to meet new people and visit many amazing places.


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