How to Get Fit and Healthy at Home

How to Get Fit and Healthy at Home

Getting your perfect body shape is no rocket science. All you simply need is to do a full body workout at home or in the gym. However, considering your job or schedule, signing up for a full-body workout session in the gym can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Besides, there might be occasions when you can’t make it to the gym due to some circumstances beyond your control. For instance, there might be heavy rain or thunderstorm or protests in your neighborhood.

But you can do your full body workout at home and still get positive results.  You don’t need to spend much buying expensive exercise and fitness equipment. With a set of adjustable dumbbells, a flat bench, and a barbell, you are already on the right track. And if you are still not convinced, here are what you need to do for an efficient full-body workout program at home:


Push-ups is relatively an easy exercise to undergo at home. You can do it in your sitting room, bedroom, kitchen or garden. Push-ups enable you to work on different muscles at the same time. The aim of this exercise is to build the muscles of your arm, chest (pectoral), and shoulder (deltoid). If you are interested in achieving a profound result within a very short period, you will need to concentrate on maintaining good form during push-ups. To do this, we advise you to imagine yourself having a straight line running from your head down to your ankles when positioning yourself. Also, endeavor to figure out the right number of push-ups per set that is ideal for your set objective.


Running is one of the easiest options to consider if you are interested in working out your body at home. Running improves the performances of your heart and body muscles. If you are the type that gets easily exhausted after running for an extended period, we advise you to try running in intervals. Interval running enables you to get your desired result within a very short period. A primary example of an interval training includes a 5-minute light jog, a 10-minute fast running, and low-speed jogging. Usually, you get the same result as running for an hour in less than 30 minutes with shorter bursts. If you live in a house with stairs, you can climb your stairs as many times as you can. This can be helpful in strengthening your leg muscles and reduce the risks of heart attack.


Squatting involves standing up with your feet firmly planted on the ground, your shoulder apart and your legs bent at the knees. This is followed by either stretching your hands behind your ears or holding your arms at your side. Squats are easy to carry out and can be done anywhere. If you intend to squat as a first-timer, we advise you to try three sets of 20 squats for a start. Squats will help you strengthen your legs, lower back, hips, and buttocks.


If you are familiar with sit-ups, you won't have a problem doing a roll-up. However, unlike a sit-up, a roll-up is comprehensive. You start a roll-up with your arms all the way back to you. After which you bring them forward into a sitting position. One thing you have to be cautious of during a roll-up is your breathing pace. Ensure that you perform your breathing speed slowly when moving upward and downward. Rushing the process will not allow you to work on your abs and hips core as much as you ought to.


If you are interested in building your biceps, your best bet is to do curls. Three sets of 12 repetitions is a good starting point for curls. After two weeks, you can attempt to increase it. Occasionally, curls will allow you to achieve a meaty upper arm. However, you must note that curls are different from the already described workouts because you won't be needing just your body but also external forces. To do curls, you will need to lift some weights. Hence, you might need to spend few bucks to get dumbbells at various weights according to your physical size and current muscle mass. Do not buy dumbbells that are too heavy. They are not always adequate for starters and can cause injuries. If you do not intend to incur the cost of buying dumbbells, you can consider lifting objects such as a backpack or gallon of water. However, ensure that you only go for objects that have handles and even weights. Most importantly, don’t rush yourself.


In a Nutshell

How fast you want to get the right results is basically up to you. Whether you work out in a gym or at home, you will only achieve your objective as soon as possible if you are focused, persistent and perseverant. Most importantly, you need to make sure you are doing the right workouts such as those highlighted above.

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