8 Tips for Running Your Best Social Media Campaign Ever

Tips For Running Your Best Social Media Campaign Ever

Are you interested in standing out in news feeds on social media platforms? Are you looking for ways to increase your customer engagement on social networking sites? If your answer to these questions is yes, then we advise you to consider launching a social media campaign for your brand. However, you need to know that running a social media marketing campaign is not as easy as starting the campaign. And to guide you through, we have highlighted essential tips you will need to run your best social media campaign ever:

1. Set your campaign goals

What do you intend to achieve at the end of your social media campaign? Do you aim to increase your follower base on social media? Or do you just wish to create more awareness for your brand? Whatsoever the goals you intend to achieve, you should ensure that you outline them in clear terms before launching your social media campaign. More importantly, be realistic with your goals.

2. Try pilot campaigns first

Even though you can begin with your main campaign, running a pilot campaign beforehand is a wise thing to do. You can do this a few weeks or even days before launching your main social media campaign. A pilot campaign will avail you the chance to test and compare different image ads and hashtags. Thus, you will be able to choose the best campaign tools for your main social media campaign.

3. Research about your campaign platform

One of the important things to do before starting out a social media campaign is to decide which social networking platform you want to use for the campaign. Be sure to research about the specific rules and guidelines for running promotional campaigns on each social networking site you intend to use. You can check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other popular sites’ promotion guidelines pages for the necessary guidelines. And if you have enough budget, you can choose to run your social media campaign on multiple platforms simultaneously.

4. Offer something valuable

The truth is that nobody would be attracted to your social media campaign if you don’t offer your audience something valuable. You can offer something like gifts, discounts, giveaways, or preferential treatment just to add value to your brand. That way, you will gain customer loyalty and increase the chances of success of your social media campaign.

5. Choose your hashtag wisely

Like traditional search engines, each social media platform has its search engine through which users can search for unique keywords. Thus, you need to be careful when choosing the keywords for your campaign hashtag. Your hashtag will serve as the major tool for engaging your audience. Ensure that you do your homework properly on the specific terms that are relevant to your campaign and that are likely to go viral.

6. Track and analyze your campaign’s results

Statistics from social media such as the number of views a campaign generated, the number of impressions given and the volume of clicks on the ads constitute the simplest way of analyzing the results of a social media campaign. However, you need to know that this won’t give you an in-depth analysis. To get the best result, you should also try to set up Google analytic goals and conversion tracking for the campaign. Both will allow you to know which of the participants performed an action that is important to you during the campaign. For instance, if your intention during the campaign is to generate website traffic from Twitter, setting up a Twitter conversion tracking will help you get a detailed analysis of the number of visits to your website from Twitter.

7. Be patient and consistent

While social media campaigns are usually fun, the truth is that they can be equally challenging. And for you to get the best out of your campaign, you need to be both patient and consistent. You will have to preserve even when the campaign results seem inconsistent with the set goals. You also need to be in conformity with the set strategy and shouldn't be deterred by weak ROI in the beginning. Most importantly, you should keep your campaign fun and authentic.

8. Stop at the right time

While continually engaging your followers is an effective social media marketing strategy, knowing when to stop is also very crucial. Once you notice that your campaign is not bringing forth the desired result even after the set deadline, it is better you stop it and do not spend more money. For instance, it is advisable for you to stop the campaign once you do not make any sales even after your campaign as generated a lot of Click-through rate (CTR). However, before you stop, ensure that you consider ways by which you can optimize your campaign further. You should consider changing your target options, using other promotional tactics such as ads payments, email campaigns or even optimizing your landing page. If any of these do not work, you should consider making use of other social media marketing tools like SEO and Pay per Click (PPC).


You do not need to wait until you have a fat budget before running your social media campaign. All you need is a good social media plan and few tips to run your campaign.  Don’t just read the tips mentioned above. Implement them and see the results for yourself. 

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