7 Powerful Steps to Organize Your Life

7 Powerful steps to organiza your life

Living a chaotic life can be pretty frustrating. It seems like each day gets shorter and you always have something you need to attend to. It can also be that you are constantly looking for things because you don’t remember where you kept them. You know it’s worse when you can’t recall when last you had a whole day to yourself or spent it with your loved ones. You just feel you’re not in control of your life anymore.


If the above describes you, you probably find it very disturbing. The good news is that you can organize your life and be in control once again. To achieve this goal, below are the powerful steps we recommend that you implement.


Wondering why you need a to-do list? Research has shown that humans have a very short memory lifespan. That is, you can quickly forget anything you wish to do if you don’t properly scribble down your ideas on a piece of paper or notepad. You can as well as use digital notes like Endnote and Microsoft One Note to jot down all the tasks you want to carry out in future. Most importantly, resolve not to delve into anything else till you have completed what is on your to-do list.


It can be difficult hitting a target that you don’t see. Organized people don’t just live life aimlessly; they have a clear idea of what they want to achieve.  Setting long-term goals can help you focus all your mental and physical efforts into one thing. So, what goals do you want to achieve in three or five years time? You can write them down in your diary or notepad. Writing them down will help remind you to follow your dreams every time you read it.


Have you seen any organized person with a messy table? Very unlikely. The reason is that they’ve come to realize that there is a correlation between how their space looks and how efficient they can be.  They know that if their workspace looks cluttered, their minds can hardly concentrate on generating productive ideas. Likewise, you should practice tidying up your office and home. By giving everything a home (place of storage), you can save several hours that you could have used in looking for them.


It is possible to be organized at your workplace but be unorganized in your relationships. You can spot it when you repeatedly miss some events that matter to your friends and family. It can also be when your loved ones complain of your prolonged absence. If you can relate to this, you probably need to carve out time in your busy schedule to spend time with your loved ones. Doing this will strengthen the bond between you and them, and cause your relationships to blossom.


It’s easy to be engrossed in things that are of little worth at the expense of things that count. You will always find yourself in situations where a lot of things scream for your attention. They may be your profession, health, family, hobby, marriage, etc. You need to consciously prioritize these things in order of importance. Prioritizing them will guide you on where to invest your time and resources the most. In this way, you will find it easy to make critical decisions when situations arise.


Spending money without planning shows a high level of disorganization. This is one crucial part of your life that you need to organize. It can save you from going broke or neck-deep in debts. Research has shown that many people hardly live by a budget. Hence, they spend money on things they don’t really need. There are mobile apps and software that can help you make a budget and keep track of your expenses. With this, you can keep your spending in check.


Organized people make it a habit not to procrastinate. They are aware that when they procrastinate, they overburden tomorrow before it comes. When it eventually arrives, it becomes difficult to meet up with the demands it brings. You also should learn to quit procrastination by doing things that need to be done immediately. Starting early does not only help you have a grip on what you are doing, but it also amplifies your chances of success.


Being disorganized is something everyone faces daily. In other words, you are not the only one with this challenge. No matter how disorganized you feel you are, you can become organized by implementing these steps. When you do, you will take charge of your life and experience a life of organization and productivity.

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Lars Bekel is the founder of Dreamers Ambition.

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