5 Ways to Set a Deadline And Stick to It

5 Ways to Set a Deadline And Stick to It

Are you among those business persons who procrastinate a lot? Or are you the type of professional who often gives many excuses for not completing a given project? If your answer is yes, then you really need to work on your time management skill.  That is, you need to learn how to do the right things at the right time. 


By mastering how to set a deadline and stick to it, you will complete all your projects on time, achieve your goals very quickly, and become more successful in your chosen career. To cut the chase, let’s point out all the five golden rules of setting deadlines and sticking it.

Understand the tasks you want to complete on time

This is the first thing you need to do if you want to meet a deadline. You need to know at this stage whether what you want to complete within a given time frame is realistic or not. That way, you can decide whether to accept or reject a project. Such knowledge will also help you to know whether you need to extend the deadline or cancel the tasks that you want to achieve. 

Break the tasks into smaller parts

One of the reasons why we often fail to meet deadlines is because they are too complex and overwhelming for us. But by cutting the tasks into smaller pieces, you’ve already done half of the work. Once you’ve done this, you can draw out a specific plan that shows when you want to complete each aspect of the overall tasks.

Keep a list of projects and deadline in your notepad apps

There are many notepad apps in Google Store and Apple Store that you can use to take note of all the list of projects that you need to complete at a given time. The most popular ones are ColorNote, EverNote, FairNote, and Google Keep. All these apps have a lot of features to remind you about your goals, the meeting you want to attend, the paper you want to submit, or the tasks you are yet to complete.

Get rid of distractions

What is distracting you from sticking to a deadline? Is it your phone, your laptop, your TV, your spouse, or your friends? Make sure that you switch off the notification settings of your phone or change your phone settings to silent when you are working on your phone. You can as well as complete your assignment in any library around your neighborhood so that none of your loved ones can distract you when you are trying to meet deadlines.

Remind yourself of the consequences of not meeting deadlines

Reminding yourself about the cons of not meeting deadlines will help you to stay very committed. Even if you have a lazy attitude, you will be very motivated to work harder anytime you remember what your clients will do to you if you don’t deliver their projects promptly. The rewards that you will lose may also encourage you to stick to the deadline.

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