5 Effective Tips to Manage Your Time

5 Effective Tips to Manage Your Time

For one to succeed in the business world, one needs to learn how to manage one’s time.  That is, you need to learn how to carry out tasks quickly and meet deadlines. Some of these tasks may include meeting the demands of your clients, doing your assignment on time, taking your children to school, or getting to meetings or office very earlier. As an entrepreneur or businessperson, your time is your most valuable asset. If you want to be successful in anything you do, managing your time is of paramount importance. Not only will managing your time help you to be more productive, but it will also help you to have an edge over your competitors. Wondering how you can manage your time? Below are the 5 effective tips that can help you achieve this goal:


As an aspiring person who wants to succeed in the business world, you really need to learn and master the art of scheduling your plans. This is no rocket science and in fact, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieve this. You can decide to use your diary or organizer to plan your day ahead and define what you want to achieve in the future. If you don’t like that option, you can use digital notes like Microsoft OneNote, Endnote, or any notepad you can download online. Regardless of the options you prefer, just make sure that you categorize all tasks into the following groups: Important and urgent, important and not urgent, unimportant and urgent, and unimportant and not urgent. Doing this will not only prevent you from being confused and unproductive, it will also help you to spend your time wisely. 

It is very important to know who you are. To make decisions. To show who you are.


Procrastination is one of the greatest eaters of time. Many tasks that you procrastinate may eventually become difficult for you to do. If you are in the habit of procrastinating, you need to ask yourself why you are procrastinating. Is the task difficult? Is it unappealing? Is it enormous? Once you identify the reason for your procrastination, you have found 50% cure for it. If the task is difficult, you can ask for help from your friends to help you out. If the task is enormous, you can break it into bits and do one bit at a time. And if it is because the task is unappealing or boring, you need to remind yourself of the success tied to that task.


Sometimes, the reason for poor management is not because you did not plan your day very well. Rather, it is because you took more responsibilities than what you can handle in a given time frame. You don’t have to say “yes” all the time. In as much as it is nice to assist others, you should also remember that you have a to-do list to attend to. It is, therefore, important that you learn to say “no” politely rather than get encumbered with too many tasks. If you must accept any new task outside the one you have planned, be astute enough to indicate that you will only attend to them when you've completed what is on your table. All in all, invest the best part of your time, strength and mental energy into completing your to-do list.


Every day comes with a special token called “downtime.” Downtime refers to the period of the day when you are not actively working. Examples of downtime may be a delay at the airport, waiting in a queue, taking a bus ride, etc. Rather than engage in unproductive conversations or make unnecessary phone calls, you can choose to make the most of such times. For instance, you can assess your progress for the day, make new plans, write a grocery list, respond to emails, etc. And if you have been very busy before such moments, you can choose to just unwind and calm your nerves.


If you realize you have more work than you can handle, you can delegate some to your subordinates. You are the boss. There is no rule that says you have to do all the work personally. By delegating work to those under you, you will free up more time for yourself to attend to those tasks that are more important. Delegating responsibilities to your subordinates can help you achieve twice what you could have achieved all by yourself.   


Managing your time is not going to happen by accident; you have to plan and work towards it. By practicing these effective time management tips, you can achieve more each day and watch your productivity skyrocket.

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